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Please read this page in its entirety so you are informed of the process if you still wish to port here.

Please be advised if you are wishing to port into our jurisdiction, please do your research first. We are in an affordable housing crisis in Central Florida. Available units are hard to find.

We do not offer assistance in locating units, this is the responsibility of the participant. You can find a list of apartment complexes here.

  • Portability is the ability of a family to move from one Housing Authority's jurisdiction to another location. If you want to consider using the portability option, you must inform your current Housing Authority of your intent and complete the "portability request form". 
  • The receiving Housing Authority will decide if they will administer your assistance either by absorbing you into their program, or by billing your current Housing Authority for your assistance. (We are currently billing for our port in families). 
  • There may be some areas of the country that you will not be able to transfer to.  You will need to check with your current Housing Authority to get help in identifying these areas.
  • The receiving housing authority's administrative plan will determine your occupancy standards, or bedroom size, and their fair market rent or payment standard will apply. Your current Housing Authority determines how many days' notice they will require for your intent to move. SCHA requires a thirty (30) days' notice. You must also give the owner proper written notice as specified by your lease and provide your current Housing Authority with a copy of the notice.

For proper delivery of your port documents please provide the following information to your case manager:

Seminole County Housing Authority                                      

PHA Code/HUD ID#: FL033

Phone Number: 407-365-3621                                                  

Fax Number: 407-359-2576

Address: 662 Academy Place Oviedo, FL 32765

Email port packages to: Belissa Vallellanes. This is for port packages only. You will have your questions answered at your briefing.

VASH participants email Judy Gosen; extension 805

You will need to contact our office to confirm receipt of your port package and to be registered for a port in briefing. 

  • Our briefings are normally scheduled for Thursday mornings. All individuals' 18 and older must be present. Because of the limited space children are not allowed at the briefing.  
  • Our briefings cover the essentials that you need to successfully find a unit within our jurisdiction. You must arrive at 8:30 with our agency's Briefing Packages completed. Please contact to our office to assist you with obtaining our Briefing package. You may phone 407-365-3621 or email.
  • Once you receive your Briefing Package be sure to go through the check list provided in and bring photo id's, birth certificates and social security cards for all household members. Failure to arrive on time or with the requested information and completed documents will result in being scheduled to the next available briefing.
  • Once a port family has moved into a new unit we require the family to remain in our jurisdiction for at least one year unless there are unusual circumstances, as determined by us. We do require that the participant and landlord agree, in writing, mutually to terminate the lease.

Repayment Agreement

If a participant owes money to a Housing Authority, the participant must sign a repayment agreement to pay back any amounts owed.  Any repayment agreement must be completely paid before porting to another jurisdiction.

Voucher Size-Subsidy

Bedroom size will be determined using the following guidelines:

  • Children of the same sex will share a bedroom.
  • Children of the opposite sex, both under the age of six (6), will share a bedroom.
  • Persons of different generations will not be required to share a bedroom. Exception: A single parent household will share a bedroom with a child under the age of 3. (Example: One adult and one child under age 3 will be issued a 1-bedroom voucher, the voucher size will change at annual re-certification after the child's 3rd birthday)
  • Foster adults and children will be included in determining unit size only if they will be in the unit on a permanent bases, as verified by the placement agency.
  • Live-in aides will get a separate bedroom. No additional bedroom will be provided for the child/children of a live-in aide.
  • Two adults will share a bedroom unless related by blood. (Example: Brother and Sister, or Adult Parent and Adult Child.)
  • A bedroom will not be provided for a family member who will be absent most of the time, such as a member who is away in the military or a member who is away at college for longer than 6 months of the year.