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LYNX Ride Pick Up

The LYNX PickUpLine is a flex-service designed to make it easier for residents in these areas to make use of both local transportation and LYNX fixed-route system.

The PickUpLine operates from 5:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. All service is available Monday through Saturday except in Buena Ventura Lakes where rides are available Monday through Friday.

Residents in the designated area must call 866-204-2976 at least two hours before they want to leave their home and schedule a pickup time. A LYNX vehicle will pick them up in front of their home and bring them back, if needed.

Each PickUpLine operates in a designated boundary area. The PickUpLine operator will provide transportation anywhere within that designated area or to a LYNX fixed-route bus stop. View maps and schedules here.

Call at least two hours in advance to make an appointment for a bus to pick you up from anywhere in the designated service area. The bus will take you to any destination in the PickUpLine's service area. All service requests must be called in at least two hours before your intended departure.

How Much Does It Cost?

View fares here.